Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gobi manchurian....

This is one of the famous starters in India and it is delicious, spicy and dry. It is made of Cauliflower.


1 medium sized cauliflower, cut into florets

For marinade:

2 tbsps maida/all-purpose flour
2 tbsps cornflour
1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste
1 tsp soya sauce
1 tbsp tomato sauce
1 tbsp chilli sauce
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

For sauce:

1/2 capsicum sliced
1 onion sliced
1 1/2 tbsps garlic chopped
1/2 tbsp ginger chopped finely
3 4 green chillis slit into 2
1 tbsp oil
2 tbsp soya sauce
1 tbsp chilli sauce
1 tsps vinegar
2 tbsps tomato sauce
1 tsp black pepper powder
salt to taste


Put the cauliflower florets in hot water for about 5 minutes, drain. Mix all the ingredients for marinade with cauliflower and set aside for few min 20-30 mins.
Heat oil for deep frying in a bottomed pan.
Place each floret that is well coated with the marinade into the hot oil. Reduce flame to medium and fry till it turns golden brown.
Remove onto absorbent paper and keep aside.

Before and after frying..
Next, heat oil in a large pan , add the chopped garlic and stir fry for a few seconds. Add green chillis and ginger and then add onions.continue stirring.
Then add the sliced capsicum and stir fry for another 3-4 mins.
Add pepper powder and salt to taste.
add soya sauce, vinegar to it and stir well.
lastly add the deep fried gobi and toss on high flame for 1-2mins. Turn off heat.
Garnish with the chopped spring onion greens and coriander leaves.
serve hot.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

mushroom pulao

This s my own creation.It was a late night when i prepared this.Me,my husband, my
son and my best friend had gone for a shopping on that evening.after coming from
there it was already 9 pm.I didnt know what to prepare in instant.In fridge i saw
mushroom and there was kasoori methi.So i stick on to those ingredients and i
made this mushroom pulao and with that i prepared a salad using curd and vegetables called raitha and that came out so yummy....Here i am with a mushroom pulao recipe...

main ingredients:

2 cup rice
1 canned chopped mushrooms
1 medium onion chopped
1 tomato finely chopped
8-10 tbsp oil
10-12 cashew
1 star anise
1 maratha moggu
1 bunch methi leaves
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
salt for taste
1/4 tsp garam masala powder

For ground masala :

1 cup mint leaves
few chopped onion
2 or 3 flakes garlic
1 inch ginger
4-5 chilli
1 clove
1 inch cinnamon stick
3/4th spoon coriander powder
1/2 spoon turmeric
few coriander leaves and mint leaves


Wash a rice and keep it aside.
Blend all the paste ingredients into a fine paste and keep aside.
Take a cooker and put a oil let it heat.
Later put mustard,saunf,bayleaves,anise,maratha moggu,cashew,onion and fry until onion turns light brown
Put the mushrooms,tomato,kasoori methi and fry for 2 min
Later put a grounded masala and let it fry for another 2 min
put turmeric,garam masala.
Put salt and water and pressurize until 1 whistle
Serve pulao with raitha and enjoy the taste.